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Welcome to the Chef's Corner!

We will present you with an appetizer with freshly baked bread so that you can taste oils from Jaén.

We remind you and guarantee that all our dishes are cooked and tasted with extra virgin olive oil from Jaén.

We do not want to control the client, we want to receive all of them, that is why we order their time at the table, thank you for your understanding.


We take your security very seriously
  • At the entrance they have disinfectant gel
  • If they enter the establishment, they must wipe their shoes on the disinfection mats.
  • Utensils and dishes are washed at 60 degrees
  • We have separating screens for your safety
  • Access to the letter through your own mobile
  • Your order will be left on the side table that is next to your table to prevent the waiter from invading your security space

Choose the option that interests you the most:

  • Directly to the waiter. The command will be taken at a distance of 1.5 meters
  • By Wassap. Send your order to tel 65872978111 after having consulted the letter on your mobile indicating the number of your table
  • By email send your order to after having consulted the letter on your mobile indicating the number of your table

Choose the payment method you want


It is the least recommended option, but if you cannot do it in another way try to pay with the exact amount. This money we will disinfect at the end of the day


You can make the payment through the following phone number,
- In concept write the invoice / ticket number
- Wait for confirmation from our staff

Credit card

- Contactless up to 20 Euros without password
- Payment with mobile or wearable
* The dataphone will be disinfected before and after use

Try to see how locating a link works:

For more information, click on the following link:


Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. Saturdays: 9 a.m. - 11 p.m. Sundays: closed


Pol. Industrial Igeltzera B-4

48610 Urduliz


Make a booking

To reserve meals, dinners or special events, call us at +34 661 85 90 95